Published On: Mon, May 4th, 2015


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The month of September heralds welcome change. Symbolically, it is the weaning of the oppressive period and the dawning of a fresh season. Settled in a seat at Vigyan Bhawan, I sensed change in the air. There was new hope, elation, exuberance and  anticipated change. They were ready to reject redundancy and embrace the future and change. Those who gathered in the audience, the futuristic speeches delivered by corporate giants, mountains of literature in colourful graphic art and finally Mr. Narendra Modi’s speech drew people and thoughts in to a futuristic vortex – Make in India! The expressive deliverance pronounced by the PM, on that morning was crafted and nurtured through his personal life and as a statesman in Gujarat. He now stands at the threshold of achieving reality. It is Mr. Modi who holds the mandate of the people; he is also the only one who could translate concept into reality; he, more than any other, realizes that this may be the final countdown for India to thrust itself towards the logical end of modernization and social reconstruction. An enormous responsibility indeed and expectations will be even greater. Modi, grasped the horizontal and vertical dynamic of India and its medium and long term interest. Graphic publications distributed and his speech at the event including his subsequent  talks, both, in India and overseas drives home this point. The revitalization of internal social and economic base and necessary administrative apparatus i.e. technological, civil, banking, education, health, culture, urban and rural habitats, capital investments, scientific application, information systems (Digital India), efficienizing and harnessing the vast labour force etc. identified as a long list of areas is the vertical or internal reconstruction. The horizontal dynamic represents India’s security concern and good-will. The PM unfolded this vision commencing the very day he took over office andmet with the SAARC political leadership. In his agenda,Mr.Modi placed on track SAARC and Indian Ocean as an integral reality and security imperative. He has gauged the value and strength of shared culture within the SAARC region and the potential offered by the region as India’s safety valvewhileNAMis losing relevance in the new global order and hegemonic realignments. PMModi has taken a long view in history and cemented the synergy of tradition and modernity. The dharma chakra and lion represent past and present, imperial ethos and the embedded wheels of progress thrusting new India to a vibrant future. If Mr. Modi succeeds in neutralize the dialectical contradiction of India – ranking sixth in the number of billionaires and one third of the world’s poorest in the same country – he then deserves to be remembered in the chronicles ofBharat!

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