Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Lets put our act together

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The east African country of Rwanda is the prime investment destination having immense natural resources. H.E Emest Rwamucyo speaks to ABC on the eve of the AFRICA CONCLAVE……




Africa has partnered in such summits in China, EU and other countries. What are your expectation from the India Africa Conclave?

India is a strong global player. India has fullfilled many commitments to Africa across sectors. India and Africa enjoy a long vibrant relationship. The Africa India forum is a good opportunity for realising and executing mutual synergies to the benefit of all. Besides robust interaction and business relations between the business community on both sides, there have been engagements on B2B, G2B and G2gG level. The summit will set the momentum for productive bilateral and multilateral relations on economic , social , political and cultural level.
The expected outcome is to map and reaffirm newer areas of cooperation. And we look forward to continue growing with the private and public sector in India.

What are Rwanda’s priority areas?

Health and education are two priority areas besides the convennational areas of business. Other areas of cooporation are agri-business, food processing and technology transfer Rwanda is looking at technology transfer and skill development. Post summit we look forward to mapping and taking forward all commitments.

China and Japan are also operating in Africa where does to India stand?

We have many global partners. And each partner has unique strengths. It is not this or that ! India has certain strengths, specially in the technology sector. Africa can benefit from this . All stake holders should benefit from given corporative initiative..

India has extended many lines of credit to African countries. Has Rwanda benefited?

Rwanda has availed of India’s support and used the lines of credit for setting up hydro power plant and transmission lines. Our experience so far has been good.

How do you see future of India and Africa relations?

India and Africa enjoy a unique and rich historical relationship. We should put our act together and support each other in an open , vibrant and mutually beneficial atmosphere.

Rwanda has come through difficult past and is now on the path of development. Comment please?

Over the last 21years the country has changed politically , economically and socially. After the genocide Rwanda today is very strong and transformed country . It has put on priority infrastructure development, institutional restructuring, social progressive initiatives and is making all efforts to attract FDI for putting in place a stable government. India is a strong partner in Rwanda’s growth .

Rawanda is a land locked country. Is international trade affected?

Yes, there are challenges that a land locked country faces. But these are mitigated by Rwanda being an active member of COMESA . We have good access to the sea routes through Kenya and Tanzania. Building of infrastructure needs huge investments. We are trying our best to harness national resources and seek FDI.

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