Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

The Chessboard

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Every minute a conference, a seminar, a promise is being made around the world for a better happier world. While much is being attempted by the movers and shakers of this world, peace and prosperity eludes. What thwarts way to sunny lives? To my mind the obsession with ‘i’ and ‘mine’ undermines the strength and stability of global amity. Not to name any ruler or government, the highest administrators of land need to consider the wellbeing of all humans equally.

Across border tensions, across economies rivalries and sabotages need to be shunned for ushering in global harmony.

India and Africa are bound by historical linkages and can form a resource of human ambassadors technically and intellectually equipped to usher in growth across the world. But both are victims of international pulls and pressures and unable to synergize in true spirit. Taking a case, India has offered $ 10bn worth lines of credit to Africa but of late it is skeptical about availing the same in light of easy availability of funds in the international market and institutional and bureaucratic holdups and conditional bottlenecks on the Indian side.” what is the fun of taking credit from India, says an African diplomat, if you are bound to award the project to an Indian company only, and not able to scout for the best at the cheapest in the international market.” The way forward needs to be recharted. There is too much insecurity amongst people and nations and each wants to secure their backyard before opening the front gate to the guests. True peace and prosperity LURES.



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