Published On: Sat, Aug 13th, 2016

Rise and Shine

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FlagOn the eve of India’s Independence Day, one cannot fail to dwell on the material achievements and the spiritual degeneration of the largest democracy! Not very long ago, sense of spiritual bonding reigned in every Indian heart and security was taken for granted. I used to travel without a cell phone by local Haryana roadways bus from Chandigarh to Delhi in the early eighties with my mother’s permission all alone to shop for my college clothes and return by 10.30 in the night same day back home without so much as perception of fear or insecurity at my mother’s end or mine. Presently, we fear our own shadow literally. So many rapes, terrorist attacks, scams, road rage violence…it’s unnerving! We have lost the social mutual respect and reverence for each other. The leaderships aspire to be superpower of robotic mindsets, callously ignoring intrinsic need of humans to love , care and respect! We are flowers without fragrance. None wants to take up the responsibility of imbibing the spirit of sharing and caring for another! I am not sure my gesture of friendship will be understood in the right perspective, they opine. Can u hear the mocking bird?

We may have bullet trains and computers but we are riddled with constant sense of insecurity. How can I grant thee when I have none. The tinkle of coins throws up semblance of humanity but lacks the depth of love. We must wake up and bring in healthy camaraderie lost under churning wheels of escalating material desires! Balance of progress of material and immaterial is need of the hour! Billions for guns! We are more insecure in our secure walls today than in the streets of yesteryear! Those were the days when every smile lit up the face of another! I miss the smiling neighbourhood! Hey leaders! Usher in real change! India dies in running the race … The horizon recedes… The stars fade… The sun in my heart sets.. Waiting for the dawn of true life, love, and laughter…

Rennu Malhotra
Editor in Chief - AABC

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