Published On: Thu, Oct 13th, 2016

It’s TODAY – Shall BE!

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What happened over decades earlier, now happens in an year! Pace of time has increased tremendously! The seller and the buyer are caught up in roller coaster ride, each trying continuously chasing the other in terms of newer and novel items and higher and more demanding consumption patterns.

Globally, the market economies are evolving faster, especially so India and China – two of the most populous countries of the world! China is fast tracking as a sellers’s paradise and India is emerging as a massive consumer market. India offers a HUGE consumer base for almost everything! India’s upward economic movement of the masses throws up huge challenges.

Thanks to digitisation, consumption is increasing in the background of falling education of minds! Social fabric based on amity and tolerance is under grave threat! Psychological profile of Indians caught up in upward consumption stream is becomingly aggressive! Known as a country of non violence and tolerance, India is inching towards Each to Thine Own.

We as responsible citizens, must usher in social values of mutual understanding, respect and care. These are falling apart. We need to change our education system keeping in mind the fast changing time and the relevance of life TODAY!

Renu Malhotra
Editor in Chief
Afroasian Business Chronicle

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